Numerology Soul Contracts

Numerology Soul contract readings are based on a system of numerology developed by Pythagoras, a Greek mystic and mathematician who lived from 569-470 B.C. and is widely called the originator of a significant branch of what we call numerology today. Pythagoras is said to have journeyed in lands as far as Egypt and India which are homes to the ancient sciences of the inner world. The origins of numerology are spread across many mystical traditions – the most well known today is probably the Kabbalah. This ancient method is used as part of the holistic therapy and coaching for individuals, couples and businesses. If you could find out why you’re here and what for – what is your purpose in life – would you jump at the chance? These soul contract reading sessions, give insight into natural gifts, supports and challenges a soul experiences in this incarnation – the insight blends the mystic with the practical to give a deeply grounded way to approach challenges and to develop your unique gifts. These numerology soul contracts are a means of divination, connecting you with the essence of your life purpose, describing your talents, karma and goals and importantly how to apply them in earthly and spiritual calling of your life. This soul contract reading incorporates elements of the Pythagorean and Chinese numerology, along with a deep understanding of meditation and soul capabilities to give you a practical and accessible way to understand life.  The purpose of Soul Contract readings is to help humanity understand incarnated life.

A soul incarnating chooses what it will experience in order to grow, when the baby is born it carries the vibrational patterns the energy of the soul will live. When the soul embodies, the Soul Contract is translated into a Karmic Matrix. This is a fine energy body radiating out to reality, creating the experiences encoded in it. It is literally a set of experiences at a physical and spiritual level that a soul sets out to experience in a lifetime.

Ancient mystics understood all things are made up of vibrational interactions, current theories in Physics are catching up with these concepts in the last hundred years. Numerology is a means to connect the personal and universal inter-relationships of vibrational patterns to better understand one’s existence.

Karmic aspects are lessons the soul has come to learn – they are not punishment but the vibrational energy of past actions – taking the form of specific gifts, supports and challenges to learn and grow through. These run throughout the lifetime, with different aspects playing out through different phases of life. In this way, challenges can be used as a means to grow and expand to strengthen the individual.

To obtain your reading, the birthdate is used to created a detailed birthchart with your soul contract reading giving path and life vibrations. Alongside this a detailed breakdown of the primary life phases is given.

The system is a powerful aid that can be used for individuals, relationships, personal development and business. It’s highly effective in giving a deeper understanding of many unconscious patterns and influences that affect our lives and businesses.

The birth chart is the primary set of karmic energies in a lifetime, the core essence is the path to integration and harmony in life.

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